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30 Dec 2006
3:12 pm

What do December showers bring?

A huge mess … that’s what!! I think Mother Nature is drunk or stoned or something. Doesn’t she know that it’s not supposed to rain when there’s snow on the ground? In December?

We had a brown Christmas. The first that I remember. Yeah … it was strange, but I wasn’t that upset. One week later … all hells broke loose. I can deal with snow. This is ND and this is December … almost January. But I don’t like this shit that we’ve got this weekend. We’re in a winter storm warning until Sunday nite (at midnite). It’s 34° out right now and raining. It was raining a little when I went to the grocery store. And then when I went to Walmart the skies opened up. There are large puddles all over. And the streets are a slushy mess where there aren’t puddles. I sure the hell don’t want to be out driving after the temps drop below freezing. It’s gonna be one icy mess. I’m glad I took Tuesday off of work now. Hopefully the mess will be cleaned up by then.

And New Year’s Eve should be fun. Drunk people driving in the slushy, possibly icy, mess. That’s a recipe for disaster. Hopefully people will be smart.

I’m not sure yet if I’m going out. I didn’t really want to … don’t want to deal with the drama and shit at the bar I usually go to (I won’t get into it, but it’s all very much like junior high … LOL). But Robin mentioned that she wanted to go out. I was gonna give her a call tonite to see if she still wanted to. I wouldn’t be heartbroke if she said no. It’s not like I’m gonna have anyone to kiss at midnite … :cry: But … Avalanche is playing and I always have fun with Robin. I’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. It’s a bloody mess up here too. I was going to go shopping Sunday, but I’m not going to venture out in this crap.